System payment

Credit card processing from any computer
Get to work using clearing systems that process credit cards
App Payment
Turn your smartphone into an advanced billing system with a mobile card reader
Credit card clearing for cash
Clearing today, money tomorrow, connection within 30 minutes
Digital Invoice
Efficient and convenient digital invoicing for your business
PC clearing system compatible with contemporary management software
Online Transaction
Clearing solutions compliant with credit card and PCI standards
Solution for a virtual store
Clearing solutions compliant with credit card guidelines and PCI standards
Fixed monthly fee
Clearing solutions meeting credit card and PCI standards
Transaction security
Security services for credit transactions, enhanced verification, and 3DS for phone and e-commerce safety.


Payment Terminals
EMV device preventing transaction denial by customers
Accessories & Hardware
Buy additional clearing accessories like cash drawers and signature pads
Designed Payment Page
Buy custom clearing pages and converters for reduced checkout churn

Interfaces & APIs

WooCommerce API
Integrating easyCard's advanced clearing with WooCommerce on WordPress
API Interfacing
Easy integration with limitless clearing systems
Credit card processing interface for SAP system
EasyCard's clearing plugin for SAP Business One users
Our systems are designed for effortless integration with minimal effort

Digital wallet

סליקה באינטרנט, Online Transaction, Digital wallet

Digital wallets have been increasingly popular in recent years.
Apple Pay and Google Pay are the most popular wallets.
These wallets enable the bearer of a credit or tax card to match his smartphone with the credit cards he possesses. The card issuer is also aware of the connection.
Payment can be made via the cardholder’s smartphone, smart watch, or PC thanks to secure storage on the cardholder’s smartphone.

Physical payment using an electronic wallet can be made by bringing the smart phone or smart watch closer to the payment mechanism. The card is credited and the transaction is confirmed using NFC identification technologies.
Furthermore, it is possible to make a targeted purchase using digital wallets when the information is obtained from the smartphone if the purchase is performed using it or through the computer when PCs support Google Pay and Apple computers support both.
In addition to these wallets, Easycard allows Bit payment, and we will add support for additional digital wallets in the future.

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