System payment

Credit card processing from any computer
Get to work using clearing systems that process credit cards
App Payment
Turn your smartphone into an advanced billing system with a mobile card reader
Credit card clearing for cash
Clearing today, money tomorrow, connection within 30 minutes
Digital Invoice
Efficient and convenient digital invoicing for your business
PC clearing system compatible with contemporary management software
Online Transaction
Clearing solutions compliant with credit card and PCI standards
Solution for a virtual store
Clearing solutions compliant with credit card guidelines and PCI standards
Fixed monthly fee
Clearing solutions meeting credit card and PCI standards
Transaction security
Security services for credit transactions, enhanced verification, and 3DS for phone and e-commerce safety.


Payment Terminals
EMV device preventing transaction denial by customers
Accessories & Hardware
Buy additional clearing accessories like cash drawers and signature pads
Designed Payment Page
Buy custom clearing pages and converters for reduced checkout churn

Interfaces & APIs

WooCommerce API
Integrating easyCard's advanced clearing with WooCommerce on WordPress
API Interfacing
Easy integration with limitless clearing systems
Credit card processing interface for SAP system
EasyCard's clearing plugin for SAP Business One users
Our systems are designed for effortless integration with minimal effort

About us

And we will be sure to inform you what kind of support or package we can provide so that your business can continue to expand.

EasyCard, a corporation for charging and swiping credit cards, is a software company that offers financial solutions to businesses. EasyCard, the company’s premier product for processing credit card transactions, bank standing orders, and credit card swipes, was introduced in 2003. Today, tens of thousands of consumers employ the product due to its immense popularity.

EasyTime, the company’s solution for workforce attendance control, has been successful in both large and small enterprises in Israel. The product’s advantages are its ease of use, its compatibility with a variety of identification techniques, and its ability to significantly reduce the customer’s costs, particularly for clients with multiple branches.

Combining advanced technology with an understanding of the customer’s requirements, the company’s distinctiveness lies in the creation of technological solutions for the financial management industry. For the development of these solutions, the company collaborates with a number of software firms that create business management software for a variety of organizations. Thanks to these agreements, we are able to provide our clients with dependable and prompt solutions while lowering their costs.

25 K
10 K
We have business partnerships
55 m׳ ₪
Daily processing of a million shekels
Increasing daily

Every customer merits the best possible product, in our opinion. Therefore, we do everything in our power to provide products that are of high quality, dependable, and user-friendly. Before reaching the final consumer, the company’s innovative products are subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests to ensure their quality and customer satisfaction.
EasyCard, a company specializing in credit card charging and scanning, will do everything possible to provide you with a comprehensive, professional, and dependable solution.
EasyCard’s software has achieved PCI DSS Level 1 compliance and tax authority approval.

Capital Market Authority certifications

The Capital Markets Authority has authorized EasyCard to provide financial services.

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