System payment

Credit card processing from any computer
Get to work using clearing systems that process credit cards
App Payment
Turn your smartphone into an advanced billing system with a mobile card reader
Credit card clearing for cash
Clearing today, money tomorrow, connection within 30 minutes
Digital Invoice
Efficient and convenient digital invoicing for your business
PC clearing system compatible with contemporary management software
Online Transaction
Clearing solutions compliant with credit card and PCI standards
Solution for a virtual store
Clearing solutions compliant with credit card guidelines and PCI standards
Fixed monthly fee
Clearing solutions meeting credit card and PCI standards
Transaction security
Security services for credit transactions, enhanced verification, and 3DS for phone and e-commerce safety.


Payment Terminals
EMV device preventing transaction denial by customers
Accessories & Hardware
Buy additional clearing accessories like cash drawers and signature pads
Designed Payment Page
Buy custom clearing pages and converters for reduced checkout churn

Interfaces & APIs

WooCommerce API
Integrating easyCard's advanced clearing with WooCommerce on WordPress
API Interfacing
Easy integration with limitless clearing systems
Credit card processing interface for SAP system
EasyCard's clearing plugin for SAP Business One users
Our systems are designed for effortless integration with minimal effort

Privacy policy

Easy Card privacy policy

1.1. We at EasyCard (hereinafter: "we", us" or "the company") respect the privacy of the users of the website and are committed to protecting it, and therefore consider this privacy policy document very important, the purpose of which is to detail the manner in which the company collects information about and/or about users on the website as well as how and for what purposes the company collects such information.

1.2. As part of surfing the website and/or the activity and interaction with the company representatives, you may provide EasyCard with various types of personal information, including personal information.
1.3. Please make sure you have read the terms of the privacy policy carefully and that you understand them. Your use of the site will be deemed your acceptance of all terms, conditions and notices included in the privacy policy. If you do not agree to the terms of the privacy policy, all or some of them, please refrain from browsing the website and do not provide any information to EasyCard and/or its representatives.

1.4. The document is written in the masculine language for convenience only, but refers to both genders equally.

2.2. "The Law" - The Privacy Protection Law, 1981-1981.

2.3. "Information" - means personal information and anonymous information, together or separately.

2.4. "Personal information" - means any data or information that you provide to the company that operates a service / sales center, which identifies or allows you to be identified personally (such as your name, your email address, your social security number, your payment method, etc.), and any information that constitutes "information" and/or "sensitive information" as defined by law.

2.5. "Anonymous information" - means statistical and/or aggregate information that does not identify or allow the user to be identified personally (such as the number of visitors to the website on a certain day, the average length of stay on the page, etc.).
2.6. "You" or "User"; "the company"; "Online material", "use of the website" - as these terms are defined in the terms of use.

When surfing the website and when contacting the company, you may give the company and/or the company collect about you, certain information concerning your activity on the website, your contracts with the company and the uses you make of the website and/or the company's services.

All information will be kept in a computer database for the purposes of operation, delivery and development of the company's service; service improvement; obligation; customer relations; mailing; Customer service, credit check and marketing.
In order to protect your data, the company can require you to provide it with information that allows you to be identified, such as an identity card number and information regarding the means of payment you provided in order to pay for services you purchased.
Similar to other websites, the website uses cookies and other and similar technological means for the purpose of its ongoing and proper management and for the purpose of improving the services provided within it. Some of these cookies are designed to enable the website to function properly.
There is no legal obligation for you to provide information to the company and the information is provided of your own free will, but refraining from providing information will prevent the company from providing you with certain services, all or in part. For example, if you do not provide us with your contact information in the contact form, we will not be able to get back to you regarding your request.
The company, its employees, its agents and those working on its behalf will not disclose lists and documents in which your name and yours are listed or any other information concerning you.
Your contact information, which appears in the company's systems, will be used for the purpose of sending information and/or updates and/or any advertising/marketing material regarding the company's services. All this by any means of communication, including by e-mail, your usual address, which you provided to the company, as well as by telephone, automatic dialing system, facsimile, short message, etc.
If you are not interested in the advertising material, as specified above, you can notify the company in writing of your refusal to receive it in one of the following ways: (1) by telephone; (2) by registered mail according to the company's address; (3) by e-mail. All this within 14 days from the date of the contract. You will be allowed to request to stop the delivery of the advertising/marketing material at any stage, yes, by any other means that will be provided to you as part of any e-mail message and/or text message (messages you will receive from the company). The company undertakes to act as stated within 14 days from the date of receipt of the message.
The company will be able to transfer all the information about you, as accumulated in its databases, to a third party, within the framework of transferring the company's business (all or part of it) to that third party. This is subject to the fact that the third party undertakes to protect your personal details and the data transferred to it, as the company undertakes in accordance with the provisions of these terms of use.
The company may from time to time record its customers' conversations with the company's service and support center in order to learn lessons and improve the service, as well as in cases where disputes arise between you or someone on your behalf and the company, the use of the website constitutes consent to the lawful use of these recordings.
14. After canceling the contract with the company for any reason, the company will use information that identifies you personally only for the purposes of accounting, defending against lawsuits and responding to the authorities according to law. without deviating from what is stated in the terms of engagement in this document.

You have the right to review the personal information held about you in the company's database(s), as long as it is kept, to request the correction of the information or its deletion, by sending a request to the company, we will act to fulfill your request in accordance with what is imposed on us by law. However, personal information necessary for the company to continue managing its business and/or necessary for a legitimate purpose such as defending against lawsuits (and everything, as necessary) will continue to be kept by the company for the time required by law.
Contact Us
You are welcome to contact us with any questions, requests or problems related to the privacy policy by contacting us, and we will make every effort to get back to you regarding your inquiry as soon as possible.
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