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Credit card processing from any computer
Get to work using clearing systems that process credit cards
App Payment
Turn your smartphone into an advanced billing system with a mobile card reader
Credit card clearing for cash
Clearing today, money tomorrow, connection within 30 minutes
Digital Invoice
Efficient and convenient digital invoicing for your business
PC clearing system compatible with contemporary management software
Online Transaction
Clearing solutions compliant with credit card and PCI standards
Solution for a virtual store
Clearing solutions compliant with credit card guidelines and PCI standards
Fixed monthly fee
Clearing solutions meeting credit card and PCI standards
Transaction security
Security services for credit transactions, enhanced verification, and 3DS for phone and e-commerce safety.


Payment Terminals
EMV device preventing transaction denial by customers
Accessories & Hardware
Buy additional clearing accessories like cash drawers and signature pads
Designed Payment Page
Buy custom clearing pages and converters for reduced checkout churn

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WooCommerce API
Integrating easyCard's advanced clearing with WooCommerce on WordPress
API Interfacing
Easy integration with limitless clearing systems
Credit card processing interface for SAP system
EasyCard's clearing plugin for SAP Business One users
Our systems are designed for effortless integration with minimal effort


עסקים שבחרו בפתרונות הסליקה שלנו

How to Select a Low-Cost credit card processing Company. The comprehensive credit card processing guidance for businesses

Even though it is simple, fast, and prevents consumers and clients from wandering around with cash in their pockets, many company owners still avoid adopting defrayal services.

If you haven’t already shifted to one of the most easy and straightforward collection techniques, you should read the whole guide to credit credit card processing (hint: there are some pretty useful hints at the end!)

What is credit card processing?

credit card processing is a payment technique that involves the transfer of funds rather than the usage of cash. As customers, we see this practice all the time: we give over our credit card at the grocery store, restaurant, and other establishments and pay with it without having to go through our wallet for bills.

But, as we’ll see, credit card processing credit cards are a somewhat more complicated affair behind the scenes. The defrayal process is based on two important characteristics: the speed of the process and the security of the data. As a result, in every transaction, even if it is as simple as buying a cup of coffee, three parties are involved: the credit company (such as Visa or Isracard), the cdefrayal company (which provides the technical infrastructure, such as a terminal defrayal), and another body called SBA (Automated Bank Services) – the trust for communication.

How does credit card processing occur?

The customer must pay the company for one or more services. He presents his credit card, and the service provider inputs the necessary information: the card number, the payer’s information, the amount to be paid, and so on. He can input them manually (by typing the details), electronically (by ‘ironing the card’ – transferring the card at a clearing facility), or there are more advanced methods, such as scanning the card with a mobile phone or credit card processing over the Internet.

The information entered is sent to the Sheba business. As previously said, the SBA is the body in charge of communication between the service provider and the credit company, and as part of its function, it checks to see if the card is in good working order and if the transaction may be allowed. After the transaction is accepted, the customer has completed his task: he paid the appropriate amount, returned the card to his wallet, and waits until the beginning of the following month, when the money is (typically) withdrawn from his account.

And, as you might expect, the process is not yet complete behind the scenes. Sheba transfers transaction details to the credit company via the infrastructure supplied by the clearing provider. The credit corporation then acts on two fronts: it charges the client on the set date – and credits the business on the agreed-upon date.

That seems excellent, so why not start credit card processing in your company?

In recent years, the world of credit card processing, like other fields, has undergone a true revolution. Adults recall how a phone call abroad (which now costs a few pennies) used to cost tens of shekels per minute, and how cell phone pricing fell. The world of credit defrayal has also changed as a result – but first, let’s look back in time and see what was here.

Previously, credit card payments could only be made through a computerized facility (terminal). A company that wanted to offer this service to its customers had to sign a contract with one of Israel’s existing clearing companies and buy or rent a clearing facility. The charges were considerable, and the credit card processing services mostly benefited enterprises with a significant volume of transactions.

Furthermore, because three businesses are competing for a piece of the commission pie, the commissions for each transaction were rather high. Bottom line, two business sectors avoided using credit card processing services: small business owners, those with a low volume of transactions, and ‘baseless’ service providers (such as graphic artists, massage therapists, consultants, and so on – as opposed to, say, a grocery shop).

What should be emphasized when selecting a credit card processing company?

Ease of use – first and foremost, the clearing solutions you select should be simple to use. A credit card processing terminal will suit your work routine if you own a physical firm. If, on the other hand, you are a ‘digital nomad,’ meaning you rarely interact with consumers, it is best to find a reimbursement firm that accepts online payments through their website or application.

Maged credit card processing – A new participant has entered the market in recent years – Maged credit card processing. The defrayal Association represents a significant number of firms in their dealings with clearing companies, generating great consumer power for them and lowering the fees they must pay. Choosing a defrayalhouse can save a lot of money for small enterprises.

The quantity of commissions – as previously stated, every shekel is significant for business owners, especially small enterprises. The more thorough your market study, the more likely you will locate a clearing business with reduced rates, and this savings will be worth a lot of money to you over time.

The wisdom of the masses – As with other services that necessitate daily involvement, it is advised to speak with colleagues, confer with them, and learn how much they pay for credit card processing services. They will frequently provide you advice that will make your life easier – and less expensive.

credit card processing services are taking over the economy.

Two important breakthroughs have occurred in recent years, and these have opened up the field of credit card processing options for small business owners as well as ‘virtual’ firms. The first modification is in the cleansing method. Whereas in the past a physical facility was required to discard, there are now other options. The legislation provides for a’remote transaction,’ which is credit clearing without the payer’s present and without the card being ‘ironed,’ and in the digital era, this can also be done online, that is, defrayal over the Internet.

The second change is due to cost savings. There is no need to own or rent a physical facility if it is not required. Furthermore, credit card processing organizations provide very convenient methods for small enterprises, both in terms of charge amounts and the requirement to pay only if a transaction is actually completed.

These developments opened up the field of clearing to enterprises and service providers that had previously shunned it (or could not afford it). The use of credit card processing services is growing popularity, and it is a particularly handy and efficient method – provided, of course, that you choose the best defrayal firm for you.

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